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Moving to or within London can be traumatic.

Let our understanding consultants offer you friendly unbiased advice on the widest range of properties you will find anywhere. When you have found a property with us, we will undertake to do everything we can to ensure a smooth move in and trouble free tenancy.

Our aim is to calm your anxiety by ensuring a smooth and positive move. We require the following from all applicants: Copies of Passport(s), Proof of National Insurance Number, credit reference, employer's reference (students will need a guarantee) previous Landlords Refernce, one months rent and five weeks deposit to be paid in cleared funds before you move in. Rent is paid per calendar month.

If a rental is quoted at a weekly rate, the monthly rent is arrived by multiplying the weekly rent by 52 weeks and dividing by 12 months. Contracts are for a minimum period of 6 months. The building is covered under the landlord's insurance policy. You, as the tenant, may wish to insure your own belongings and contents separately. You will be responsible for all other bills in respect of the property. You must ensure that meter readings are taken and all utilities are transferred into your name.

Copies of a passport(s) and proof of national insurance number for each tenant are required to follow the new "Right to Rent" Scheme set out by Goverment.

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Tenants Fee’s

We require a Holding Deposit equal to 1 week's rent to secure the property. This holding deposit will be used towards the security deposit and rent in advance if the tenancy proceeds. This property requires a Security Deposit of 5 week's rent Please note 1st Choice Properties. London Ltd is a member of Client Money Protection Scheme and The Property Redress Scheme.

Rent and other charges


1          You must pay the rent in full and on the dates agreed.  If you pay the rent late, we can charge you interest at 3% a year once the rent is 14 days’ late. We will charge you interest until the date we receive full payment.


2          You will be responsible for any reasonable call-out charges if you wrongfully ask for a workman to come to the property, and this is due to incorrect information or against our or our agent’s advice. The most you will have to pay is £ 52.87, including VAT.


3          You will have to pay workmen’s call-out charges if you fail to keep an appointment. You can avoid these charges if you cancel the appointment at least two hours before the appointment or tell us or our agent that workmen may go to the property without              you being there.


4          You must pay for all gas, electricity, water, sewage, council tax, phone and other services supplied to the property.


5          We or our agent may recover any reasonable costs we have to pay for callouts to the property resulting from changes to the alarm code that we were not told about, or your friends or relatives not knowing the code not amounting to more than £50                         inclusive of V.A.T.

6          We or our agent may recover any reasonable costs we have to pay for callouts because you have locked yourself out of the property not amounting to more than £50 inclusive of V.A.T.


7          We or our agent may recover reasonable costs we have to pay if we must sort out returned keys or lost keys not amounting to more than £50 inclusive of V.A.T.


8          You agree to pay for damage caused to alarms or lights at the property due to a lack of electricity supply if you caused the lack of electricity supply.


Deductions from your deposit


1                      If you do not pay your rent (although you are not allowed to use the deposit instead of paying rent).

2                      If you or your visitors damage the property or the furniture that we have provided.

3                      Any reasonable legal or other expenses we must pay as a result of you not meeting the conditions of this agreement.  You may also lose some of the deposit if you leave before the end of the agreement.

4                      If you break any condition of this agreement.

5                      You agree that we may use the deposit to pay for any unpaid utility bills (gas, water, and electricity) or Council Tax bills at the end of the tenancy.

6                      If we must pay for removing or storing any belongings you leave behind at the end of the tenancy or clearing any rubbish which you have left.


Charges for breaking the terms of the contract.


1          The tenancy agreement is a legal and binding contract for the set term that you have previously agreed and signed for. You are liable for the rental payments for the full term under your tenancy agreement. If, however, due to unforeseen circumstances you need to leave the property prior to the expiry of the tenancy then 1st Choice Properties. London Ltd are willing upon your written instructions to make every endeavour to re-let the property, subject to the Landlord's consent.  There will of course be a charge for this service, this being 10% & V.A.T. of the rental income for the remainder of the term of your tenancy.  If the current tenant finds a replacement tenant, subject to satisfactory references – approved by the Landlord and 1st Choice Properties. London Ltd., then a separate charge of £50.00 + V.A.T. (£60 inclusive of V.A.T.) per change of tenancy will be charged. In addition you must cover the cost of a new inventory to be undertaken on the property if applicable (£140 studio / £150 one bedroom / £160 two bedroom / £170 three bedroom / £180 four bedroom / £200 five bedroom plus, all prices quoted are inclusive of V.A.T.) we must point out that every endeavour shall be undertaken to re-let the property by the required date.  If this is not possible you will be fully responsible for all rent payments, gas, electricity, council tax and water rate payments until the new tenant/s have taken up occupancy of the property or until the end of the term of the contract.